Antibacterial lamps – protection against viruses and bacteria

In these troubled days, when the whole world has been suffering of covid-19 pandemic for more than a year an Antibacterial Lamp can be considered as a necessary and efficient means of protection against viruses. The device has a very attractive design, which will perfectly complement any interior. Within just  4 hours of work, it kills up to 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses polluting the air in the given closed space. The ultraviolet rays that attack viruses are housed in a durable plastic case, which allows you to purify the air when people are still in the room. It is completely safe and harmless, and moreover is extremely helpful when there is a seriously ill person in the room. The device operates almost silently, clean air flow leaves it in a gentle stream, without creating a feeling of any discomfort or draft.

SIA “BBTC Group” company

The company "BBTC Group" LLC, successfully operating in the field of manufacturing and sale of technological devices for the destruction of viruses and bacteria, has been on the market since 2013.
During this period, the experienced craftsmen of the company have designed and manufactured various devices to protect people working in closed rooms from infectious air-borne viruses and bacteria. The perfect examples of such rooms can be schools, kindergartens, hospitals, cafes and restaurants. Nowadays with the spreading of coronavirus infection, when many sick people are treated at home, the recirculator, killing viruses and bacteria, can effectively protect healthy people living next to a sick person from the threat of getting sick. That is why, the consumer demand for this equipment has significantly grown precisely among the private customers.

Methods for buying and shipping an antibacterial lamp

The whole range of our products can be easily found on the official BBTC Group website.The site contains a catalog of goods providing a detailed description, photo and price of each item. A quality certificate and a 2-year device warranty will be issued for any purchased model. Beside that the company offers both warranty and post-warranty services. The goods can be bought directly in our main office in Riga. You can also leave a request for the desired product on the store's website and it will be delivered to any part of Latvia and the EU. The payment for goods can be arranged in any convenient for the customer way.

The only goal of our company is to protect all of us from dangerous viruses and bacteria, and to fulfill this goal our company will work tirelessly, to offer you the most efficient solutions.