Antibacterial lamps – protection against viruses and bacteria

The company SIA "BBTC Group" , working in the field of manufacturing and sale of antibacterial lamps and other devices for the destruction of viruses and bacteria, has been on the market for over 8 years since 2013. At a time when coronavirus has endangered the whole world, company’s activity has become even more relevant. The Antibacterial Lamp has won the appreciation of the customers in both public and private places due to a number of its positive qualities:

  • harmless and safe for people, it can stay turned on even when you are in the room;
  • within just 4 hours of work, it destroys 99.9% of all microbes and bacteria;
  • cleans the air and is especially useful for people suffering from allergic reactions;
  • noiseless and having no draft effect during operation;
  • consumes very little electricity.

Antibacterial Lamp – protection against all viruses and bacteria

Trying to protect yourself against viruses and bacteria? Keeping the windows open to ventilate the place? But on cold winter days, it is not always comfortable to air the room. And at a time when an epidemic of viral diseases is spreading all over the world, it is important to stay safe. That's when the irreplaceable assistant comes to the rescue - Antibacterial Lamp - a modern, effective and high-quality device for air disinfection in closed premises.

Danger of viruses and bacteria

Viruses and bacteria might not be very dangerous for a healthy person, but nowadays during the spread of epidemics; even one sick person in the room can cause viruses to spread at high speed and multiply in a closed space, gradually infecting everyone else. Antibacterial Lamps greatly reduce the possibility of spreading infection in a closed room and kill 99.9% of germs. Therefore, such devices are being installed in large quantities in shops, offices, schools, hospitals, and other places visited by a large number of people.

Advantages of a germicidal air purifier

A very simple and effective Antibacterial Lamp has many advantages:

  • the key advantage is safety for people and animals, you can stay indoors while the device is turned on;
  • the device works almost silently;
  • can work 24 hours a day and consumes a minimum amount of electricity;
  • its attractive modern design perfectly complements any interior;
  • can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Protect yourself from germs and bacteria, buy a reliable and high-quality device - it will destroy dangerous microorganisms, preventing them from getting into your body!